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Brazil – Interview with Jonothan Newby

Brian interviews Jonothan Newby, formerly of the band Brazil. Featuring conversation and tracks from the band’s new post-mortem EP, “Ere I am, J.H.”

In this week’s episode, I get on the phone with ex-Brazil singer Jonothan Newby as he gets lost driving in Muncie, Indiana. Newby and I talk about and listen to three tracks from Brazil’s final post-mortem EP, “Ere I am J.H.”

Brazil Interview
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Newby and I go way back, to his days in Catharsis and the Humdrum, and my days in Mara’Akate. He is a great guy and a talented musician. If you have been listening to the show, you might recall him sitting in on our interview with Waves on Waves a few months ago.

Check out the interview, and be sure to pick up the band’s discography from your favorite digital retailer!

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