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For my birthday I got Google Maps 8 Bit for NES

Google Maps 8 Bit - Google Headquarters

Every year Google does something funny for my birthday. Everyone thinks it’s for April Fool’s day, but I know Google knows everything about me, including my birthday & what color socks I am wearing today. It stands to reason that they know of my love of video games as well, and this year they made this!

Hilarious. They even made 8 bit versions of street view, complete with little avatar.

8 Bit Street View - Google Headquarters

How to Use Google Apps to Improve Your Business, featuring me!

Well, this is a bit dated – but I’d like to post this for posterity.

Back in June, the interactive marketing agency I work for (Raidious) received a call from Inc.com’s J.J. McCorvey.  J.J. requested an interview with us about our use of Google Apps for business, and we were flattered.

Check out the article. I was glad to have the opportunity to geek out about such a great suite of tools. Thanks to Taulbee Jackson for being on the call with me, and for being a good sport when a couple of his statements were attributed to me.