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The Adventures of Bunny Bravo

Bunny Bravo

Hi friends & family!

It has been too long, but I want to share an exiting new project that I am involved with. I am working with producer Mychal Simka to help bring and animated children’s film to screens large and small.

With an all-star cast and over a dozen pop songs, Adventures of Bunny Bravo is Simka Entertainment’s 14th animated film. The movie will be produced in both English and Spanish following the success of Un Gallo Con Muchos Huevos – Producer Mychal Simka’s first and only other film released in English and Spanish – which made over $9 million at the box office.

We are currently raising money through Microventures and IndieGoGo’s equity crowdfunding portal. Proceeds from the raise will go towards the creation of deliverables required for distribution in the U.S., UK, Canada, Mexico, and South America and marketing the project to cable, pay-per-view, premium video-on-demand, and DVD buyers in those markets.

There are some pretty great perks available for investors, including a Bunny Bravo comic book that we will be spearheading.

Check out the campaign, and share with your friends and family!

Thank you for your continued support!