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Oklahoma Town Ignores Election

I would have thought this was an Onion article.

What is interesting though, is that I actually kind of agree with the publisher here. Why is every one so concerned when they had better coverage from other sources? Maybe this small paper just knows it’s niche?

Obama’s TV Segment

I took some time watch this video, and thought it worth sharing. Obviously, a campaign produced piece about a political candidate is going to make the candidate look great, but I have to say I really like the message and approach, and I think it also speaks well to Obama’s campaign’s use of the internet to reach people.

It has been interesting to me that McCain’s campaign has all but ignored the internet, and completely failed to reach me where I am. The only time I have been exposed to any of McCain’s materials has been in the context of someone trying to expose something, in jest, or in a humorous Google Adwords mistake (Many of my friend Matt’s blog posts blasting McCain drew McCain ads).

I hope that we continue to see an increased utilization of things like the Obama 08 iPhone App, Video Podcasts, and YouTube channels with content other than commercials in the years to come, regardless of next Tuesday’s outcome.